If you have faith as a mustard seed, you will say to this mountain, "Move from here to there," and it will move; and nothing will be impossible for you. ~Matthew 17:20

Sunday, August 10, 2014

Under One Roof

I will admit that while I like for my children to become independent, I love for them to be home at night under my roof.  But, as I am constantly reminded by our mailbox that is flooded with college information, that reality will be changing next year when Spencer goes off to college.  I'm just hoping this mama can handle it without a) having a nervous breakdown, b) driving Brad to have a nervous breakdown, or c) all of the above!  Poor Brad.

Instead of thinking of things that make me sad/crazy, I'll talk about happy things...

After two weeks in Los Angeles, Cole finally flew home last Saturday, which was also the day that The Rep had the SMTI show.  Cole was a part of this show for two years and he was already texting us from the plane to make sure it was ok he attended this year.  He literally came home from the airport, threw clothes in a backpack and left with Damon to go to the show.  The blinding truth is I was just like him at his age which makes me EXTREMELY nervous that he will be as rebellious head strong driven as I was.
Addison, Cole, Marina, Damon and Matthew.  A fabulous bunch of young adults.

The boys started school this past Monday but they are still finding time to have a little fun.  This past Saturday, Spencer and the Rock Creek Youth Group went to Timberline Fun Park and played paint ball for FOUR hours!  Seriously.  Four straight hours.  When he got in the car, he was exhausted but he had the biggest smile on his face and he can't wait to gather some friends and go back for more fun.  I think we will all go and see what it is like but someone will need to be on standby to come and rescue me because I don't think this almost-forty-eight-year-old-mama can make it for four hours.  I'm already planning on finding a foxhole to hide in until about 8 minutes before our four hours is up!  
This picture does not do the damage justice because he was filthy!

To add to my already growing number of grey hairs is the fact that Cole passed his driving test on Friday and is now officially a licensed driver!  Holy smokes, I just don't know where the time has gone. 

Our house is still on the market so I think that until it sells, Mr. Brad will continue to come up with yard improvement projects.  Honestly, I wonder sometimes if he is trying to kill me so he can take my life insurance policy and go hang out in the Carribean!  Truthfully, every project has needed to be done for years and it always looks so much better after it is done.
This picture is at this angle because I hauled a tree down the hill and didn't have the strength to climb back up!  A prairie girl I am not; thank goodness for air conditioning, hot showers and Aleve!  One more project marked off the list.

So, while we wait for the house to sell, I am enjoying my time in Arkansas with my family and friends.  We know that Cole will have to be back in LA by the end of September/first of October but we have no idea if we will be going back before then or not.  It's all a waiting game and I feel our lives right now could best be represented by a bunch of balls being juggled.  But, that's ok.  We wait.  We pray. And we keep doing what we're doing with the knowledge that God will provide the answers in HIS time, not mine.

In one of my devotionals I am currently reading, "Worship the King", I loved this statement that it gave about being true to God through faith...

"What has God spoken about your life?  The answer may be obvious to you, or it may be obscure.  You may have never considered that He has a specific plan and purpose for you, though you've probably sought His will on a number of issues.  What you need to remember, however much knowledge of His will you have, is that God's plan for you is to discover His purposes; to believe His promises, no matter how unlikely they seem; and to know Him as a result of the process.  Your heart is designed to connect with His and to experience His loving agenda for the rest of your days."

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