If you have faith as a mustard seed, you will say to this mountain, "Move from here to there," and it will move; and nothing will be impossible for you. ~Matthew 17:20

Sunday, January 18, 2015

Am I Ready for This?

I have to admit that up until this year, I am one of those people who is taking down the Christmas decorations as the kids are opening their presents.  By the time they're opening the second gift, I'm dragging the storage boxes out and asking them to put ornaments and stockings away before the gifts have even made it out of their original packaging.

Except for this year.  It's January 18th and the dead tree is still lit and decorated (although it is listing to the left and the top strand of lights are burned out), the stockings are still hanging around the fireplace and "kitchen Santa" still has the menu from Christmas Day.

I think I'm in denial that this will probably be our last Christmas for all of us to be living under the same roof.  Spencer keeps reminding me that at this time next year, he will have completed his first semester at college and be home for Christmas break.  Dear son, as if I don't think about that prospect every second I am awake, thank you for reminding me with that precious smile on your face.

Then, Brad and I were talking this weekend and he said he couldn't believe that in two years, both boys will be out of the house.  What?  BOTH boys?  No way.  We may let Spencer go to college but there's NO WAY I am letting Cole move out of the house!  What in the world?!  In answer to the distressed look on my face, Brad said, "Don't worry.  We'll make new memories."  Nope, I'm not ready.

To top it off, Spencer's 19th birthday is tomorrow.  NINETEEN!  How can the tiny baby we brought home already be old enough to go to college and make his own decisions.  Deep breath.

Spencer's friends, Jake and Seth, came over Saturday and after a riddle/scavenger hunt game, they all headed off to the movies and Brad and I got to sit and watch a movie and drink wine.  Ok, maybe this isn't so bad.
Love these faces.

Sunday afternoon found the Ewing family at the bowling alley and although I like to think of it as quality time and good family fun, I have a son who thinks it is all about the competition and who wins (one guess who that is!).  Needless to say, the most competitive person in the world didn't win and his face left no doubt to that fact.
Love that Brad photo bombed them!

I'm pretty sure that since the beginning of man, mother's have been trying to get used to their children growing up and going off to hunt dinosaurs, leaving to fight in a war or going off to college.  I'm confident I can do this...right after another cup of coffee and another glass of wine.  Not necessarily in that order.

"Go in peace..."
~1 Samuel 20:42

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