If you have faith as a mustard seed, you will say to this mountain, "Move from here to there," and it will move; and nothing will be impossible for you. ~Matthew 17:20

Monday, July 7, 2014

Surgery Update & Life in General

Wow, two weeks have passed since I last posted and I am wondering what I have been doing.  I am pretty sure it is a sign of my age when I have to look through my pictures to remember what has captivated my time, so here is your recap:

This young man had surgery two weeks ago as his ENT tries to build up his paralyzed right vocal cord to help in the strength of his voice, as well as the possibility of helping him eat by mouth.  I cannot say enough about the love I have for each one of Spencer's doctors at ACH as they are constantly striving to help him overcome his physical challenges.

Yard work has become the thorn in my side.  We had so many downed trees after last winter's storms and the high winds from this spring so we rented a wood chipper to make our own mulch.  After 12 straight hours of back-breaking work, Brad and Cole had the back of our property in tip top shape (I worked for 3 hours but then, thankfully, had to take Spencer to his OT/PT appointment!).

If you get the chance, go visit Big Rock Mini Golf and Fun Park in Little Rock.  We took Damon, one of Cole's friends, and headed out there last Thursday evening and we had the BEST time.  Spencer came in first, which made him very happy.  I could care less about the score but spending time with all my boys is the best!

Farmer Brown here and he has been supplying me with lots of tomatoes, peppers, mint and basil with his fabulous garden.

Cole and his friend Robert went to Greers Ferry for the day and went cliff diving.  Why do boys have to scare their mama's with every single thing that they do?

On Saturday, we all loaded up and went to the Big Dam Bridge for a beautiful morning walk with my friend, Pat and her service dog Bella.  We need to get Max acclimated to life in the city which requires being nice to other dogs and not acting like a wild country dog.  Max did surprisingly well and we enjoyed the exercise.

Still no word on our house (although they have shown it to one couple twice) or Cole's role in an upcoming movie.  I'm doing my best every second of every day not to hyperventilate and remember that God has this all under control.

This was the Prayer for Patience that Joyce Meyer's posted on her Facebook page last week and it spoke volumes to me...

"God, I know Your timing is perfect and I trust You completely with my life and my circumstances.  Lord, thank You for providing for the needs I have right now.  And thank You for the blessings that are yet to come.  Even if I never see the fulfillment of my heart's desire, I will still honor You with my life.  I pray for peace, patience and perseverance - as I put my hope in You.  Thank You for comforting me during this time of waiting and for leading me in the way to everlasting life.  You are my portion, Lord, and I am fully satisfied.  Amen."

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