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Sunday, September 26, 2010

ACH Friends

Well, it's been a busy day with friends stopping by to keep Spencer company.
I love that he has such awesome friends!

One thing that is really cool about Arkansas Children's Hospital is that most of the staff that is here today is the same staff that took care of us when we were admitted for the first time eleven years ago.  That says a lot about this wonderful place.

This is one of our FAVORITE Respiratory Therapists, Miss Martha.  Martha was the very first R.T. that Spencer had when he was brought to ACH eleven years ago!  She is awesome!

Meet Amy, our awesome nurse.  Spencer loves her because she jokes around with him AND he can shoot her with the nerf gun without severe repercussions (she has five older brothers so I guess she is used to these boy antics!).

And, finally, it's Dr. "Alabama" a/k/a Dr. Josh.  When we brought Spencer to the ER last Saturday, Dr. Josh had on his Alabama t-shirt and even though Spencer was not feeling well at all, I really did think he was going to tackle him.  I have given Dr. A a very hard time this week leading up to yesterday's game but he was a gentlemen and didn't taunt me too much when he made rounds this morning.  I HAVE to be nice to him because he is writing our discharge orders for tomorrow!!!

Assuming there are no major kinks, we are hopeful to be home for dinner tomorrow night.  We can't wait!

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