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Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Filming, Coaching and Another Star

Last Sunday, Cole filmed a Shasta Cola commercial with Director Scott Sandler, a USC student (who is also a lawyer...think overachiever!) and Jackson who was the Director of Photography.  We arrived at 7:30 a.m. at Scott's apartment and filmed there for five hours before moving to a different location.  I got to hang out with Gidget and Devin, Scott's girlfriend, and we had so much fun.

 This is an action-packed commercial and Cole was excited about doing stunts.  When the guys moved outside to do some of the filming, Cole decided he wanted to try and "clear" the bushes at a condo next door.
He didn't make it and in addition, he got yelled at by the owner of the condo.  Woopsie, next location!

Cole and Scott rehearsing before they commandeered the elevator.  Do you know how hard it is to use an elevator for filming in a 15-story building? That thing is constantly busy!

After 12 hours, they called it a day.  Scott will have the finished product ready by Thursday, when he submits it to the head Marketing guru at Shasta.  Keep your fingers crossed that they love it!

On Monday, Cole had an audition for a new pilot on ABC.  Before every audition, he is coached with Robin, an acting teacher at Margie Haber Studios.  The studio was full of classes so Robin coached him at her home and oh boy, was I so glad.  Her back yard is a tropical oasis!  Absolutely gorgeous.  Think tree house with a flair.  I spent the entire hour walking around, taking pictures (there is no way my IPhone can do this arboretum justice!) and enjoying the beauty.
As you walk out the back door, this is the garden below.  It's hard to tell from these pictures but this is a hillside that goes straight up!

Steps leading to the upper garden.

At the top of the steps, you are surprised with a place to relax and to take in the gorgeous view.

When you come down the other side of the hill you realize that every square inch of the hill has been landscaped.  Makes me tired just thinking about it.

This was my favorite spot.  There were finch and hummingbird feeders on the porch.  So peaceful.

The audition went well so we will see what happens.

In other exciting news, I want you to hear it from me first that I have been kissed, hugged and held by a true movie star.  Brad, try not to get too jealous but that is what happens when you live in the land of acting extraordinaries.  I feel sure that when they are accepting their first Oscar I will be mentioned.

Do you remember Brigitte from last fall?  She was on the Disney music video set with her parents who own Good Dog Animals.  Well, now TMZ is reporting (so it has to be true, right?!) that Brigitte will be the replacing the old dog on Modern Family!  Evidently, you wouldn't know it if TMZ had not reported it because they look so similar.  Anyway, just wanted to be the first to toot my horn because I held Brigitte for hours while we were on set and I am sure that is why she is perfectly suited for Hollywood!


Are you having a good week so far?

"Devote yourselves to prayer with an alert mind and a thankful heart."
~Colossians 4:2

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