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Thursday, August 9, 2012

Crazy Busy Week!

This week, by far, has been the busiest week we have had in LA.  It has also been the hottest week.  Mix those two together and you get one tired and hot mama.

Cole has had four auditions and three callbacks since Monday.  He did book a small role in a feature film entitled "Monster and Me" which will begin filming on Saturday.  I believe it will be released straight to DVD but I will get all the details on the first day of filming.  His other callbacks were for a national commercial and a new pilot that will produced by Warner Brothers.  When we were at the WB's lot yesterday, we saw Russell Brand's Rolls Royce golf cart!

Cole has decided he wants one that is a Lamborghini!  Ha!

With the temps exceeding 100 degrees, we HAD to stop and get fro yo and Cole just had to take a picture.
He definitely loves food as much as I do.

Today's audition had to be video taped so we went to SpeedReels in downtown LA for them to tape, edit and send me the link.  It is worth it for me to pay someone to do that...if left to my own devices, someone would get hurt!

Cole had to change clothes before the taping and since there was no restroom handy, he used the fire escape!
What did I tell you?  These actors have NO inhibitions!

Guess what?  Tomorrow we have NO, NO, NO appointments!  Woohoo!  So looking forward to washing clothes and doing paperwork.  I know, it's sad isn't it?

Have you had a crazy week, too?

"The truly wise person restrains his words, and the one who stays calm is discerning."
~Proverbs 17:27

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  1. Thx Marilyn so much for these updates. I love reading them. Congrats to Cole for his bookings and great acting. My crazy week was the week before you wrote this. I went to TX to help my friend Debbi and her daughter April bring a baby boy into this world. Eion is April's first baby. It SO reminded me of schedules and appts and all in triple digit scorching weather! Please keep up the blogs now that I've finally figured a way to comment and not just from FB. Love to all of you! Cindi F.