If you have faith as a mustard seed, you will say to this mountain, "Move from here to there," and it will move; and nothing will be impossible for you. ~Matthew 17:20

Friday, August 24, 2012

Heading Home

I am heading home to Little Rock on Saturday to spend the week with Brad and Spencer and although I am so excited about it, I'm sad too because Cole will be staying in LA because he has school and auditions.  Thankfully, we are blessed with WONDERFUL friends, Michelle and Anna, who will keep their finger on Mr. Cole at all times!

While running errands today, Cole talked me into going to Yummy Cupcakes in Burbank.  My taste buds love this place but my hips hate it with a passion.

I'm packed and ready to head out first thing in the morning but tonight, Cole and I are enjoying the cool temps at the pool.
Love this little fish. ;)

Praying for a safe trip home and covering Cole in prayer while I am gone.  Being a mom to two boys in two different states is not easy but God's got my back.

"The Lord keeps watch over you as you come and go, both now and forever."
~Psalm 121:8

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