If you have faith as a mustard seed, you will say to this mountain, "Move from here to there," and it will move; and nothing will be impossible for you. ~Matthew 17:20

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Whew! What a Week!

For any of you who were raised in the south, you know how we get when it snows.  We are in awe of its beauty and the quiet stillness that tags along the morning after the snowfall but put us behind the wheel of a car and ask us to drive on it and we totally F-R-E-A-K!  As some of you know, the Ewing's are blessed to live 750 feet up on top of a mountain in beautiful Ferndale, AR.  We consider ourselves so lucky to have found this five acre tract eight years ago and built our dream home five a half years ago.  To say our road is steep is the understatement of the year.  I have friends who have driven to my house and once they made the ascent into our driveway, they fell out of their car, kissed the ground and now demand that I pick them up in town and bring them out here.  You get the picture.
This is the beauty we woke up to Monday morning.  School was closed, we had plenty of food and I had a great book to read. 
Allie, Cole and Will playing when the snowfall first began.  Fortunately, they made it off the mountain before it got bad.
According to the boys, there is nothing better than snow, the hot tub and hot chocolate!
Spencer, B and Cole bundled and ready for a snow fight.
This is my FAVORITE picture.  My neighbor, Mary, took this.  I love the sun on the snow. 

Our hill is a complete sheet of ice so I have left my car at the bottom of the hill by the pond and hike down if I need to leave.  This morning I slid down on my stadium seat cushion because it was too slippery to walk it...insane ride!  Oh my, I am definitely too old to be doing the moves I did this morning.  I'm sure if there were any deer watching me, they got their laugh for the year.

Last weekend, my sweet friend Carol invited me to join her and five of her friends for a girls weekend at Big Cedar Lodge.  There are not enough adjectives to describe how much I love Big Cedar.  Brad and I visited for the first time eleven years ago and we just can't get enough...even the boys love it.

I was hesitant to go since Spencer's feedings take a lot of work but being married to the most awesome husband in the world has its perks and he sent me on my way.  Carol and I headed out at noon on Friday and by Friday evening, everyone met up at the Buzzard Bar for some great food and our favorite singing cowboy, Clay.

On Saturday, the schedule was like this:

Sleep late
Watch movies
Watch movies
Laugh until you cry
Watch movies

You get the picture!  Just what we all needed.

We did get dressed and visit the gift shop.  What a great group of ladies.

Carol got me home Sunday afternoon an hour before it started snowing.  Great trip to recharge my batteries.

Last Saturday was Gigi's 87th birthday and Sunday was my brother's 40th birthday so we were going to have a party at my house.  Well, it started snowing about the time everyone began arriving on Sunday.  I was a nervous wreck that they were going to get stuck on the mountain!  Everyone had time to gobble down some lunch before heading home.  Fun but too quick.  Think we will reschedule when the forecast is calling for 100 degree weather.
So cute.

I'm looking forward to the temps getting above freezing, our hill thawing and resuming our normal activities.  I hope you have all had a happy and safe week.

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