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Monday, April 8, 2013

CBS...Part Deux!

Ok, I got so excited while writing my previous post that I hit the "publish" button before I had answered some of the questions I have had about the Pilot.

First, I can't tell you the name of the Pilot because there isn't one!  It is officially the "Untitled Greg Garcia" or "UGG" pilot.  Pretty catchy, huh?!

Next, we won't know if the Pilot has been picked up until the end of May.  The Pilot is filmed and then taken to New York in May to be previewed by Executives and the "money people".  Depending on the reviews it receives will then determine if it is picked up for one season, which is 13 episodes.  We are prayerful that it will be picked up but if not, then there is a reason.

Finally, we will only be on set for a total of six days before the Pilot is filmed before a live studio audience.  The chemistry between the actors was amazing at the Table Read so I can not wait to see what it will be like once they have rehearsed together.

The most amazing story of the day was when Cole and I rode on the golf cart with Beau Bridges to go and get our security badges.  Our driver and Beau sat in front with Cole and I on a rear seat that faced backwards.  Well, the PA (personal assistant) obviously got his driver's license from a cracker jack box because he was driving over speed bumps and around security cones like someone on crack!  I was holding on for dear life but Cole and Beau (Mr. Bridges) seemed just fine.  By the time we reached the Set, I was ready to jump off and kiss the ground.  Darn young whipper snapper PA's!!!!!

"God is good...all the time"
~Marilyn Ewing

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