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Thursday, April 18, 2013

It's A Wrap!!!!

These past seven days of filming the CBS pilot have been amazing and they all culminated into a terrific final taping on Tuesday night.

Brad surprised Cole and flew in town late Monday night so he could be here for D-Day!  To say that Cole was excited is an understatement.

We arrived on set early Tuesday so that Cole could give Brad the grand tour of the set and the CBS lot.  But by 1:00 p.m., Cole had to report to the makeup/hair chair and get started with his transformation.  It tickles me that it takes longer for Cole to get his hair and makeup done that it takes for any other person on set (including the girls!)!

I think it scares Brad how "pretty" Cole is in makeup.  Ha!

The awesome crew.  From left to right...J.B., Cole, Eve, Will, Michael, Mary Elizabeth, Margo and Beau.

Our roomies Coppelia, Chris, Vickey and Slade came to the taping.  Spencer rode with them instead of spending all day with us on set.  They started taping at 5:30 and didn't finish until 9:30!  I had no idea it took four hours to tape a 30 minute sitcom!

Cole's agent, Thomas, and his Manager, Katrina, came to the taping.

It was a wonderful experience and now we wait to see if CBS likes it as much as we do and decides to pick it up for a season.  Hopefully by the end of May, we will know.

Brad and Spencer flew back to Little Rock Wednesday morning.  Ugh, I hate to see them leave.  Fortunately, they had a welcoming committee waiting for them when they arrived home.
I miss these babies so much.

Cole has an audition today for a feature film and then, hopefully, a quiet weekend is ahead.  One more week in LA and then our plan is to head to Little Rock April 27th.  Can't wait!!!!!

This past week has been an emotional week in so many ways.  Our hearts and prayers are with the families in Boston and in Waco and with so many of my friends who are suffering either physically, emotionally or both.

"I will trust in Him and not be afraid."
~Isaiah 12:2

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